Tuesday, March 22, 2011

News in Kenya

From the Daily Nation:

Interesting story on where wealthy Kenyans children go to school - This article shows where the children of Kenyan government officials, diplomats, CEO's of large businesses and wealthy businessmen go to school, and how much it costs. The school's are equipped with gourmet chef's who create 5-star meals in the dining hall, and living quarters that you would be accustomed to if you stayed at five star hotels. The schools are dedicated to preparing their students to excel academically, pursue excellence in sports, music and the arts, but most importantly, these schools are designed to create globally educated citizens.

From the East African:

Inflation Hits Businesses and Homes - Double-digit inflation rates doom the cost of living and business ownership in Kenya. The lack of strong monetary policies in the country has stunted its' economic growth, and therefore, a major inflation has occurred. Kenyan officials are now scrambling to save struggling businesses and devastated homeowners.

Town of Nakuru Has New Attractions - The town of Nakuru used to be a prime tourist spot in East Africa. Not for its' picturesque skyline, or historical sightseeing destinations, but rather for the great influx of Flamingo's, yes the pink bird, that Nakuru was once, and still is famous for. Now, however, Nakuru is gaining that skyline, as many organizations, and government buildings have been established, allowing this town to have more than one attraction.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Times Topics: Kenya

The NY Times Topics is a very good source to find information on a great variety of different subjects. The purpose of this blog entry is to describe what I found on the country I am covering for this class.

Kenya is a country that has been flying under the radar thus far. The most recent article in the NY Times about Kenya is about a Cricket player who is a native of Kenya. Collins Obuya was considered one of the best Cricket players in the world. After his dominating performance in the 2003 World Cup, in which he led the underdog Kenyan team to a surprising semifinal appearance, he fell off the map. Collins is now back in the news for a nearly record setting performance in a match against Australia. Obuya scored 98 runs, but was denied the oft-occuring triple digit score by an Australia team who were determined to stop him. You can read the full story here.

Another interesting thing I found was the country's overview. It gives a fairly in-depth description of Kenya and the major happenings of that country. It can be found here.

Many of the other articles related to Kenya are relatively old news. The Times Topics will, however, be a very helpful source for me throughout this blog assignment.