Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kenyan Authority Named in Possible Drug Activity

From The Nation

Possible Parliamentary drug activity

A task force has been set-up in Kenya that will investigate the involvement of six members of Kenya's parliament, and a Mombasa business tycoon in relation to a drug baron scandal.

The investigations are ongoing, and may take a few months, as they must gather information across borders.

The parliamentary members who are being named in this investigation are vehemently denying the acqusations, and want punishment to those who named them when their innocence is proved.

Probe turns up no evidence linking six members of Parliament

Police say their investigation into a drug ring possibly involving high ranking Kenyan officials was compromised because the suspects were named.

The lack of evidence is due in part to witnesses who are unwilling to give statement's, legal obstacles - such as laws against self-incrimination - and also because all the suspects being investigated denied any involvement.

The police report suggests that stricter anti-narcotics laws would allow inspections of assets and tax returns of suspected drug traffickers.

City Hall may lose up to 300 million shillings

Kenya's City Hall, located in Nairobi, risks losing up to 300 million shillings after the government revoked a title deed it sold to a developer.

The deed was sold to the private developer, but Lands Minister James Orengo revoked the deed, as that land is only to be used to provide health services to residents, and no one is allowed to occupy it.

If a settlement is not reached outside of court, the developer could be in line to receive the 300 million shillings if the matter is taken to court.

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