Monday, May 9, 2011

Impacts of Digital Technology in Kenya

1. What are the impacts and effects of the internet, mobile phones, and other digital technology for global media?

Kenya has about 22 million cell phone subscribers, that is about 55% of the population. Many cell phone companies exist, but a lot of the local people either don't have the means, or are uninterested in cell phone usage. The impacts have been great for Kenyans, they are able to communicate with much more of their family, who may live elsewhere.

Kenya's internet usage is much higher than its' cell phone usage. Accoring to, here are Kenya's top viewed sites on the internet:

1. Facebook
3. Google.
4. Yahoo
5. YouTube
6. Blogger
7. Wikipedia
8. Twitter
9. Daily Nation
10. LinkedIn

Full list can be seen here

The impacts of the internet in Kenya have been huge. Kenyans are now able to access the world just like every other country. As you can see from the list above, the most visited sites are those of social media or search engines. Seeing Kenya take such a great interest into social media is a great thing. There are thousands of blogs from Kenya, and tons of traditional music videos from that country as well.

2. What are the pros and cons of the internet and computer technology in Kenya?


  • able to connect with the world

  • providing children a way to get more educated

  • giving Kenyans their own voice

  • allowing the people to become more independant

  • expanding their horizons beyond traditional values

  • the internet has helped Kenya become more globalized

  • helps build businesses to jump start the economy


  • taking away from traditional values

  • some images may be harmful for children to see

  • improper usage could lead to violence, uprising
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